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We increase employee retention through powerful management coaching tools to improve employee engagement and workplace culture.

To achieve this goal, services listed are suggested practices to improve your Company's or personal people goals. However, we offer custom solutions outside of the listed services. 

First Time Manager Package - $1,800

Leadership may come naturally for some but management does not always follow. People are promoted to a greater position because of their exceptional ability to do their job. That does not always translate into being a good manager. With this coaching package, clients will find their own leadership style to ensure retention within the department and company.

  • Set your newly promoted employee up for success

  • Contracted through the employer (with certificate of completion) 

  • Weekly - 60 minute (in-person/virtual) sessions - 12 total sessions

  • Focus on goal development through accountability

  • Feedback provided to the employer each week 


Business Coaching Package - $1,800

Business Coaching is designed for new or established business owners looking to find focus within their business. Being a business owner is not without challenges but a coach can help you become more creative, establish practices, increase revenue, grow strategically and develop long lasting action plans. This process is a partnership requiring accountability and a strong connection to building goals.

  • Reconnect with your passion project or "why"

  • Contacted through individual or partnership business owners

  • Weekly - 60 minute (in-person/virtual) sessions - 12 total session


Career Coaching Package - $1,200

Whether you are trying to find the career of your dreams or trying to enhance your position in your current career, coaching will open up a greater and clearer future. We will use many coaching tools to determine your career goals and dive deep into the greater question: what am I meant to do with my career?

  • Find your "why" and actual purpose at work

  • Manage stress, timelines, expectations, and your career goals

  • Contracted through individuals

  • Weekly - 60 minute (in-person/virtual) sessions - 12 total sessions


HR Recharge Coaching Package - $1,800

Human Resources professionals were put through the ringer since 2020 - and years before that. HR can be a thankless job at time, triggering a quick burnout. This coaching package gives back to you - recharges your energy. Find out how to fill your cup, rid yourself of energy drainers, and be the best you can for the people who need you. 

  • Recharge your battery and learn to be kind to yourself everyday

  • Manage stress, timelines, expectations, and your happiness 

  • Contracted through individuals or companies as professional development

  • Weekly - 60 minute (in-person/virtual) sessions - 12 total sessions

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