What Is Offered:

The coaching experience is about YOU. YOU are the expert of your life, in your story.

Full Circle Coaching & Consulting specializes in working with individuals bringing diversified backgrounds and stories to each session. You could be a C-Suit Executive, a mid-level manager, a new leader, or a college graduate looking to find their foot in the right door. You could be an entrepreneur wanting to grow your profit margin, hire your first employee, or balance your life and discover true wealth. Or you could be looking to gain confidence in balancing a family while being an influential leader in the workplace. 

My role? To help you get out of your way. I work one on one with emerging leaders to facilitate a space where they can be free. During this time they can unleash their problems and let them run ramped while we work together to find solutions through action plans and goals.

Whatever your story is, I want you to hear it. I want you to be influenced by your own growth and reach the goals you have always dreamed. 


Do something today that your future self will thank you for. 

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"I just think it is worth mentioning that, perhaps I had answered some of my questions today - but that is primarily because of the sessions we have done and the work we have done together have helped shape how I view and work through things. That so far might be the biggest win and take away from working with you. I now try to view things differently and try to see it in another light. And it's growing beyond what we originally set my sights on."

- Lacey 2020