I'm a fun loving HR professional and coach with a big personality who wants to share my expertise and knowledge with you.


I spent the early part of my career in banking, working my way up the ladder while working toward my Accounting degree and then Master's degree in Human Resources Management. I didn't become interested in coaching until I became a first time manager. This was scary for me, having learned the concepts throughout my education but never practicing my management style. 

Through the coaching process, I better mastered my management style and became the manager I wanted to be. I could identify what worked for me and my team and created a wonderful culture within my HR department. 

We all know the saying, people quit managers not companies. I became determined to help other managers like me, to retain staff through positive interaction and team building tools. 

Today, I am a Board Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. I currently hold my SHRM-CP and HRCI-SPHR representing my dedication and knowledge to the HR field. It is my mission to help companies and first time managers increase retention and build efficiencies through happy teams.



Manager Coaching

Leadership may come naturally for some but management does not always follow. People are promoted to a greater position because of their exceptional ability to do their job. That does not always translate into being a good manager. With this coaching package, clients will find their own leadership style to ensure retention within the department and company.



Whether you are trying to find the career of your dreams or trying to enhance your position in your current career, coaching will open up a greater and clearer future.

Human Resources


Offering comprehensive HR audits to already established businesses, department creation from scratch, or special projects such as campaign for increasing morale, employee appreciation, and performance management tools.

Let’s Work Together

Newport, NH

Tel: 603-252-6650

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Lacey - Client

"I just think it is worth mentioning that, perhaps I had answered some of my questions today - but that is primarily because of the sessions we have done and the work we have done together have helped shape how I view and work through things. That so far might be the biggest win and take away from working with you. I now try to view things differently and try to see it in another light. And it's growing beyond what we originally set my sights on."